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The National Vietnam War Musuem is located just miles from the original location of Fort Wolters. During the Vietnam War Era, Fort Wolters was designated the Primary Helicopter Training Center. Over 40,000 helicopter pilots trained here, and 95% of all helicopter pilots passed through Fort Wolters during the war. Visit the museum to learn about its history and see our centerpiece OH-23 Raven, seen above!


Our new 2023 temporary exhibit, The Lost Children of Chon Thanh. Featuring photography by U.S. Army Medic, Bod "Doc" Shirley. This exhibit is featured in the upstairs Col. William A. Wester Art Gallery. 


The newest addition to the Museum grounds is here!

Created by master sculptor Paula Slater, “My Faithful Warrior” is dedicated to the nearly 4000 dogs that served alongside military personnel during the Vietnam War. The Department of Defense during this period classified dogs as equipment, and subsequently only around 200 dogs ever made it back to the United States. The controversial decision either transferred ownership to the army of South Vietnam, systemically euthanized, or completely abandoned the dogs still in service when the United States pulled out of the war. Please consider a donation to the museum to allow us to complete a trailway to the statue from the permanent facilty. Click the button below to make an online donation or contact us to make a cash/check donation. More information on the Artist below:




Huey Helicopter in Contemplation Garden

The Contemplation Garden is the second of the six memorial gardens to be constructed on the museum site. It contains several key attractions, including a Vietnam-era Huey mounted almost 20 feet in the air, a special set of Huey rotor blades with dedication plaques, a flag pole, a covered bench and the only replica of the Camp Holloway Memorial Wall that was located on the post in Pleiku, South Vietnam.

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