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Mineral Wells, TX
November 20, 2007

Museum’s Art Collection Continues to Grow


Over the past several years, The National Vietnam War Museum has been collecting various pieces of original art. The latest of these was a watercolor painting done by local Mineral Wells, Texas artist Buddy Powell, depicting the entry gate to Fort Wolters in the early 1960’s. The painting includes several training helicopters in flight, and the Baker Hotel in downtown Mineral Wells in the background. The museum has arranged for a limited edition printing of 500 copies of the painting to be sold at $20.00 per copy, as part of the ongoing fundraising effort to build the museum. As a memento, the museum presented Mr. Powell with a framed first print from the run.


Buddy Powell studied art at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth and has produced a number of paintings over the years. He has served the City of Mineral Wells as Public Works Director and also served six years on the city council.


In addition to Mr. Powell’s painting the museum received a copy of a Joe Kline print depicting several 101st Airborne Division helicopters, representing aircraft from the Vietnam era to today. This was donated by Company A, 101st Aviation Battalion at their 2007 reunion.


Last year, the museum received a donation of the mysterious painting “The Night Has Eyes,” and we are still searching for information about the artist. This haunting work depicts NVA and/or VC soldiers done in stark black and red, and evokes the feeling most Vietnam veterans have of constantly being watched by the enemy during the hours of darkness.


The fourth painting, “Vietnam Ideal,” depicts an American soldier carrying an old Vietnamese woman across a flooded rice paddy, either to safety from a besieged village or to a medic for treatment. It evokes memories of the best work done by Americans to aid the South Vietnamese.


These works and others that are collected in the future will find places of prominence in the museum when it is built. For more information regarding the museum and our the development projects, contact the museum at P.O. Box 146, Mineral Wells, Texas  76068-0146, or online at



Buddy Powell’s “Fort Wolters”                                  “The Night Has Eyes”                               “Vietnam Ideal”              Joe Kline’s 101st Helicopters






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