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Museum Concepts

Visitors to The National Vietnam War Museum will find that exhibits are presented as a series of staged settings, much like a theatrical presentation. Instead of a traditional museum with aisles of cases, artifacts will be incorporated into the displays themselves. The various galleries will resemble "snapshots" of events relating to the United States' involvement in Vietnam. Visitors will find themselves transported into these scenarios that will take advantage of photographs, documents, and other graphic and audiovisual presentations to recreate the feelings associated with the presented events. Artifacts will be displayed as they were used, thus enhancing the realism of the setting, and providing visitors with more opportunities for reflection.

A timeline will guide visitors through the galleries, where they will be greeted at each "stage" by different "guides" representing a wide variety of people living during the Vietnam Era, from military personnel to protesters. Video kiosks will provide background information narration with film and still photograph displays.


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